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carpet cleaning Greenwich

We are a leading cleaning company within the South East area of London. Our carpet cleaning services are among the most purchased within our cleaning business. We are using trusted and tested carpet cleaning methods. So if you need a professional carpet cleaning service, look no further. We pride ourselves with impeccable cleaning service and modern equipment. Our rates are the lowest within the industry.

The carpet cleaning service we provide is performed with professional steam-operated machine. That is the most efficient and low-cost method available in the business; It cleans not only the surface of the carpet, but the powerful steam reaches deep underneath the fibres of the carpet and removes any bacteria, debris, oil and dirt. The result is refreshed, odourless carpet, with sanitized fibres. Stains will be permanently removed, and the air quality of the room will be significantly improved. Our cleaning session is executed with the help of quality, eco-friendly and allergy-free detergents. No matter how dirty your carpet are, our modern cleaning technique guarantees impeccable results for the lowest rates within the industry.

Detailed information about our Carpet Cleaning service:

Our steam cleaning is performed with powerful steam extraction machines which improve the quality of your carpet, prolong its lifespan and clean it thoroughly and deeply. At first, we will thoroughly inspect the fibres and the stains on your carpet. We will determine which detergents will suit your type of carpet, and we will clean it accordingly.

We offer extra pre-spraying of your carpet available for the charge of £10.00 per room. This solution dissolves the oil and dirt, making your carpet easier to clean while giving it a spotless finish. This spray is applied on carpets that have not been professionally cleaned recently or ever.

After that, is the steam extraction process. Our machine sprays hot water deep into the fibres of the carpet and simultaneously extract the dirty water back into a container. This procedure leaves your carpet thoroughly clean and sanitized. No stains, spots, spillages, odours or bacteria left - just clean and disinfected carpet. We also offer after-extraction spray. It is applied last to shield the fibres of the carpet from any dirt and water-based spillages. With this spray, you can easily remove dirt and water-based stains from your carpet with just a slight mop or vacuum. Spray is charged £10.00 per room.

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With our professional Carpet Cleaning service the interior of your rooms will be brightened, the life of your carpet will be prolonged, the colours will appear renewed and brighter; there will be no pet odours or stains left.

Choose the only steam cleaning your carpet will ever need this season!