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Welcome to our professional cleaning company! We are known to be one of the best cleaning companies within South East London and particularly Greenwich area. Our speciality services are a range of Domestic Cleaning sessions performed by experienced cleaners. However, we offer a few services for Offices and Businesses within the Greenwich area.

Whether you need a Window, Oven, Carpet, Domestic, Upholstery, After Builders, Spring, Office or End Of Tenancy cleaning session our professional cleaners will do the job quickly and with great attention to detail. Our rates are the lowest within the Greenwich area and we pride ourselves with the price of our services.

Moreover, our cleaning services are comprehensive, and we will be happy to tailor the cleaning session according to your schedule and the cleaning requirements of your household or office. We can clean your place at time convenient for you- at mornings, evenings, bank holidays or weekends. We always aim to ensure impeccable cleaning at the most affordable rates and all this executed at a time suitable for you.

If you cannot decide which service would fulfill your cleaning requirements, then take a look at the short description of our services below:

End Of Tenancy cleaning service

Let us help you get back the security deposit back from your landlord! This service is perfect for vacating tenants who wish to leave their rented property in spotless condition for the next tenant. We will thoroughly clean the premises from top to bottom so that you are assured you will receive your deposit. Service is ideal for vacating tenants, letting agencies, and landlords.

Carpet Cleaning service

No more smelly, worn off, and stained carpets in your home! With our revolutionary steam cleaning session, your carpets will be revived in no time. Our professional cleaning operators will make sure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned even deep underneath the fabrics; too often there has accumulated excessive amounts of dirt, grime, oils and bacteria. We will deeply clean and refresh your carpet and on your request we can shield it from future stains and dirt with our special solution protective spray. Give new life to your rooms and safer home environment for your loved ones with professional carpet steaming.

Upholstery Cleaning service

If you feel your upholstered furniture has lost its colours, smells funny and is worn off in general, then our steam cleaning extraction session is perfect for you. Our steam cleaning method thoroughly cleans especially deep within the fabric to remove any bacteria, dust mites, odours and stains and leave your upholstery spotless and refreshed. Our service prolongs the life of your upholstery and improves the air quality in the room.

Spring Cleaning service

Welcome the warm months in your home with the old tradition of Spring Cleaning. Let our professional cleaners clean and brighten your home in just a few hours. You do not need to spend hours organizing a cleaning, buying cleaning products, scrubbing and washing, we can do all this for you. We have a thorough cleaning checklist which we strictly follow to ensure your home is left in perfect condition and is ready to salute the spring.

Domestic Cleaning service

Ensure your home is clean and tidy at all times with our regular domestic cleaning services. However busy your daily schedule is we know that cleaning might be last on your list of tasks for the day. That is why we have developed cleaning domestic service executed on intervals convenient for you to ensure your home is spotless at all times.Moreover, if you wish, we can also do the laundry and ironing for you.

After Builders Cleaning service

After the hassle of rebuilding your home premises comes the excessive amounts of dust, unwanted building materials, paint splatters and dirt. However, you need not stress; our company has been providing thorough post-constructional cleaning sessions for homes throughout Greenwich for over a decade, and we have the insight and know-how to do the job properly. No dust, dirt, plaster or paint spots will be left once we clean with our special equipment and tools.

Post Event Cleaning service

Efficient and affordable prior- or after- party cleaning session to completely clean and tidy up your place. Do not stress about having to clean up all the mess by yourself- we are here to save the day with thorough cleaning of your home!

Window Cleaning service

For thorough and complete cleaning of every window in your property, trust our professional cleaning company. We will clean not only the windows but the window frames and sills. Your windows will be spotless from the inside and out, and your home will be refreshed and sparkling.

Oven Cleaning service

Give your oven the thorough and deep cleaning you have been postponing for so long. Our professional oven cleaning will deliver impeccable results and remove all the gunk, oil, dirt and food particles. You can throw away the smelly oven cleaners, the gloves and forget about the endless scrubbing and wiping of gunk. Let our professional cleaning company take care of the work.

Office Cleaning service

Extensive office cleaning for all your business premises. We will not only clean the office but the adjoining toilets, shower and kitchen, too. Take care of the look of your business and ensure the health of your employees with our professional office cleaning service. Take your business one step further today.

Pick the service that suit your needs or combine two or more for special discounts. We operate in all South East Area.

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